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The Third Option

To every person who has become disillusioned with working in an office. And to those who have chosen to leave the workforce to take care of their families, but felt something is missing.

There is a better way!

We exercise self-agency, recognizing that we are in control of our lives and our destinies. Not to say we don’t have faith in a higher power; but we cannot rely on others’ paths to be our own.

We let go of preconceived notions about what success looks like. We define success as the pursuit toward or achievement of our “why.” And we always go back to our “why,” because doing the right thing is not always the easy thing.

We surround ourselves with like-minded people who want to help and have our best interests in mind. We are humble enough to ask for help, even when we are accustomed to being the caregivers. We are grateful to be connected with others who call us out, cheer us on, and genuinely love us.

We know that practicing radical self-care is not selfish. The healthier we are, the more we can care for others. We will put the oxygen masks on ourselves first.

We value work, but we do not place our value in our work. We recognize that working virtually is a gift, and we will work hard to honor that gift.

We will take action, because time is our most precious commodity. We are determined to make a plan to pursue our “why,” even if it takes years to get there.

There is value in the journey.

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