I Began As A Virtual Assistant And Haven’t Looked Back

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I was working as an Events Manager for a non-profit which meant 40+ hours a week of hard work plus nights and weekends. It drove me into the ground so quickly!

I kept getting sick and when my health took a serious decline, my husband put his foot down and told me we weren’t doing this anymore. I agreed and put in my notice at my job with no idea what was next.

I took a few months to heal and then realized I had so much to offer but flexibility and health had to be my new priorities. I also realized I loved being at home (I thought I would hate it).

That’s when I began as a Virtual Assistant and haven’t looked back. It’s unbelievable how much better I am doing and how much lower my stress levels are (my husband’s too!). Hoping to keep this Third Option going for the long haul!

– Kayla