The Third Option For Me Was More Of An Accident

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We were products of the recession. I worked for my husbands business from home. We were in the new home construction industry and in one swift hit we were unemployed. I met a neighbor while walking the dogs who was let go from one of the big banks in Charlotte and she and a few others decided to open a recruiting company with a focus on the Financial Services Industry.

They bought into the Mom Corps franchise. They needed help and I have a recruiting background. They needed someone with my background and they needed someone with a home office. I had both. There were a lot of unknowns. But I was eager to work, eager to help, and beyond excited to work from home. They couldn’t promise me a lot of hours or a huge paycheck but I knew right away I was going to gain way more than money from this opportunity.

2010 to today – never looking back. Every once in a while I start to think….I could make more money…could get benefits….401k…. paid vacations…. “wouldn’t that be nice”… But then I reflect on all the things I have gained that are beyond priceless.

– Eric