I’m grateful for #mythirdoption

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The Third Option came to me when I went through a major change in life 4 years ago.

I had been in a corporate setting for 19 years and was going through some pretty traumatic changes on the home front. I ended up leaving my job and moving back home to Texas – with my two girls. My job was sad to see me leave and gave me the opportunity to work remotely for them until they were able to fill the role/ I did this for 4 months which was amazing because I was able to produce income, take care of my girls and start to piece my life back together.

I had been looking around for different opportunities as I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this forever, that at some point they would replace me and I would need to have a back up plan. You read about all these different “work from home” opportunities but finding one that is actually “legitimate” is the key.

This April will mark year 3 for me finding that Third Option- it has been amazing as I have learned so much along with being able to utilize some of my own skills to teach others.

Up until the last three months, I considered it supplemental income to my husbands salary, however we just welcomed our 3rd child. Then, I was debating going back into the work force and said wait a minute, I am already living my Third Option, why do that! Why take time away from family and the kids when I can reach out and ask for another client and still be at home; no daycare expense plus additional income for my family. And I get to feel like I am still contributing by serving my clients.

I am so grateful for God and My Third Option in order for us to even have this choice.

I tell people all the time check it out – some get discouraged by the process and timing but I always say, take the time to give it some thought. It will be so worth the wait when you figure out you no longer have to choose to make your family priority or your job; you can do both!

– Sabrina