My Third Option Allows Me To Own My Role As Mom

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Initially, I grew my own Third Option organically like so many others – after having my first child. After spending years in hard-pressing industries (real estate and litigation), I felt frustrated and perpetually asked myself how in the world I was going to maintain my identity as a professional but also own motherhood.

I left a full-time paralegal position at the end of my pregnancy because working in trial until midnight (and being married to a busy trial attorney) just didn’t seem feasible while growing a family. Luckily, I took some freelance paralegal work with me and saw the potential to work totally from home. The attorney I worked for, though, couldn’t get past the idea of not having someone in the office so her projects were sporadic and I didn’t really make any actual, steady money.

I continued the freelance writing and editing projects that came out of a yoga-focused blog I had started years earlier, too, but just couldn’t seem to make steady money with either gig (although the free yoga clothes were a huge plus!). Plus, I felt really alone. All of my friends thought I was crazy since this was before remote work and lifestyle blogging got so much social media attention.

A friend suggested I try virtual assisting – and, although it took me a while to gain the courage to apply, I finally did and haven’t looked back since. Virtual assisting is My Third Option. I can do all of those things and still be a legitimate professional who works with other upper-crest professionals, since that’s one of the main differentiators to me about what I do versus most of the other “work from home” gigs.

My Third Option allows me to own my role as mom, dabble in a real estate deal here and there, work out when I want (super important to me) and drink the best gourmet coffee around (if you’re in Central Florida, stop by!).

– Amanda